Incarceration As a Last Resort

Chantal believes that Incarceration should be only for those individuals who represent a threat of harm to our community. All others must be diverted or rehabilitated, as research shows that incarceration does not make our community safer. When incarcerated individuals are released from prison, they are almost uniformly worse off than when they went in. Since we cannot incarcerate most people forever, we must work as a community to rehabilitate them.

Reform & Rehabilitation

Since the inception of the mental health dockets, Chantal has worked for people with mental health issues and their families to divert them from prison and get them the therapeutic help they need to successfully function in our community.

Chantal is running for the 331st District Court because her opponent believes that incarceration is the answer to criminal justice reform. This is demonstrated by the fact that he has the highest number of defendants waiting in jail for their cases to be resolved than any other judge in Travis County.  It is also demonstrated by his failure to implement or participate in any diversion or rehabilitation programs designed to lessen the likelihood that defendants will re-offend.

Without opportunities to keep a felony conviction off a person’s record or rehabilitation tools which enable them to get housing and employment, we are condemning these individuals to the shadows of our community. They need help, not condemnation.

Chantal has hired John Zamarripa, who was formerly incarcerated. After pleading guilty in 1990, he successfully completed ten years of deferred adjudication, and has met every condition required of him for the last 27 years. He volunteered during her last campaign after having worked for the Mike Martinez campaign. John currently works in Chantal's office.

True to her belief in criminal justice reform, Chantal knows that if she were not willing to offer an ex-felon a second chance, an opportunity to show he was rehabilitated, then she would be a hypocrite. Instead, she proves every day that she doesn’t just talk the talk, but walks the walk toward progressive values. 

Setting the Record Straight